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We visited Shawnee Mission KIA on Thursday, the paperwork GAME took longer than we had available, so we left and made plans to return on Friday a.m. After I called THEM twice, we were told financing was approved, using a car model they chose to 'plug in' but that we would NOT be limited to that particular car.

Today when we returned, we were told that they would show us only the One model They had picked, because that would be the BEST deal for us - we were driven to another lot away from their office and first car they offered to show us had a large scrape and dent on driver's door... after our objection, the salesman called back to finance person, then tried to show us another vehicle of Their choice that appeared to have been backed into something, since the rear bumper (fiberglass) was cracked.. We declined to drive that one as well.

To say that we are discouraged and Very frustrated is a gross understatement. I had heard good things about Shawnee Mission KIA however, the place we visited to try and find a reliable auto was NOT a good experience.

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